lo local

What is Lo Local?

“Lo Local” is a part of the ABC Art Baja California festival that focuses on promoting and giving relevance to spaces and projects established in La Paz, San Jose and Todos Santos. By inviting local spaces and projects to participate in the festival, “Lo Local” seeks to encourage the development and promotion of the local artistic community and celebrate its culture and talent.

The main goal is to create a constant flow of visitors, residents and the general public to support the activation of the region and enhance the scope of participants in the local scene. In order to comply with this, physical and digital maps will be distributed with information on the activities and points of cultural and social interest in each of these cities.

How can I participate in Lo Local?

ABC Art Baja California calls art galleries, artists’ studios, hotels, music venues, pop-up spaces, foundations, bars or restaurants, or any other establishment located in La Paz, San Jose and Todos. To apply, it is necessary to fill out a form.

What kind of collaborations can be part of Lo Local?

Any art gallery, artist studio, hotel, music space, pop-up, foundation, bar or restaurant, or any other establishment located in La Paz, San José or Todos Santos interested in being part of the festival’s calendar of activities can participate. To apply, it is necessary to fill out a form.

Artists wishing to participate in “Lo Local” must submit a specific proposal in collaboration with a local establishment for an exhibition, artistic intervention or cultural project. These collaborations can be artist presentations in a space; art, design, photo projects or any other type of collaboration related to culture that can be imagined.

As part of its programming during the festival, each space can organize different activities and activations for greater visibility: special dinners, exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, talks, guided tours, cocktails, etc., creating collaborations with artists, designers, musicians, chefs, among other creative talents.

From ABC Art Baja California, we want to reinforce the idea of community by promoting broad projects where synergies are generated between local establishments and artists who wish to participate.